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Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless

Strange problem

I'm starting a business; email is important. My ISP is small and rural. I started out with an email account that worked well. Before that I had a Google Gmail account for a long time. There was no email problem.

In theory, according to my engineer, neither of these accounts should "know" the other exists. And they didn't until Google discovered my ISP has a Google IMAP account. . ..

It has been a password hell ever since. I changed the password last week because I couldn't get into the IMAP email. I had to do it again today to send a 32KB file. I have not been able to access it since then. I have not been able to access the Gmail account either.

I read today that Google has decided to close all multiple accounts without notification, without legal recourse and without access to records. I have a legal record from Europe that pertains to records written in Latin from the 1550s in Gmail. Google has also decided they won't allow alias accounts. It is your real name or no account.

All I want is an email account that is efficient - that is not Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any of the free spam email accounts - for business that is dependable and private. I am willing to pay for it.

I am open to any all thoughts.

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