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Belfair, WA
·Wave Broadband
·OlyPen, Inc.

Less Channels for analog

Well- in the name of network improvements they have taken away NWCN and National Geographic as analog channels, even though they already transmitted them in digital on other channels...

Guess its time to replace the last TV in the house without a digital tuner...


Port Angeles, WA
It bothers me that they are doing this. First they remove the TV Guide channel and now this. They didn't remove the NWCN from our area, but took off National Geographic, Oxygen, Local Market Place, and a couple others on local broadcast. Making them to where a digital box is required to view them. The Market Place channel makes sense to do this with as, all it is, is ads for around the area. This is unfair to their basic cable customers to remove channels like this, plus they keep the price the same. I suspect within time a digital box will be required to view all channel, having no more basic cable?


Belfair, WA

Yep- keep in mind that the digital counterpart to these channels has been online for a long time... So there not "switching" but just discontinuing the analog versions...