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Monroe, NC

*WHO* is laying fiber in/around Charlotte, NC?

We moved here (to Indian Trail, NC) from Tampa, FL in April. Had FIOS there for several years.

So when I see the SAME orange fiber pipe in spools on the side of the road... and Ditch Witches, etc etc. My question is... WHO is doing this? I know it ain't VZ, I worked for them for 5+ years. So who is it???


Backbone fiber that requires at least $100k+ of equipment to terminate.

Or it's MetroE that requires $1k/10k+ to terminate. This includes cell-site back-haul/custom corporate installs.

There's fiber everywhere, just not the end-user FTTH GPON/BPON/EPON type that you want for consumer level services.


Monroe, NC
Yeah, but this is all over.... not just a single path. Looks *very* similar to the work that VZ did when I was living in Tampa (to install FIOS)


reply to mark_h_in_NC
I had a similar question regarding my area. I'm seeing alot of fiber being laid by AT&T in my neighborhood in Sugar Land, TX, but Windstream is the landline service provider in my area, not AT&T Might AT&T be installing the fiber for Windstream? I'm saying it is being run in by AT&T only because AT&T is listed on the fiber posts that are coming out of the ground (photo attached. Does anyone have a clue regarding my confusion here? Thanks!


Fiber and Copper are two completely separate modes of transmission. Although they do interface all the time, they can also be completely independent. If you're in Windstream copper territory, it's totally possible that AT&T has purchased right-of-way to install their own Fiber for future AT&T services, not Windstream services.

Being in a Windstream landline area just means they own the last mile copper facilities. Other carriers can still build-out their own Fiber networks within that territory. However if those carriers want it to interface with Windstream copper to a customer premise, they would pay a lease for that right.

If you're in a residential area and AT&T is laying Fiber, chances are it's for U-verse or FTTP/FTTN. OR it's just crisscrossing the neighborhood to reach a large commercial building.