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Houston, TX
reply to chrisk19938

Re: [DVR] cisco rng200n dvr

Note: If a value is displayed in color, there may be a problem with that value.

You can try removing the splitter and using the amplifier and seeing if that makes any difference.

Signal Levels. General info regarding diagnostic pages and signal level data displayed:

* ANSI SCTE 40 2004 "Digital Cable Network Interface Standard" establishes "acceptable" levels. Free download from SCTE Website


* Digital QAM carrier, STB Input Level: -12 to +15 dBmV for 256QAM and -15 to +15 dBmV for 64QAM.
Minimum S/N: 33 dB for 256QAM, 27 dB for 64 QAM and 43 dB for Analog. [Also known as C/(N+I).]

* FDC QPSK carrier, STB Input Level: -15 to +15 dBmV
Minimum S/N: 20 dB

* RDC QPSK reverse carrier, STB Output Level: +25 dBmV to +53 dBmV. (+85 to +113 dBuV is specified in referenced ANSI SCTE 55-2 2002.) Since return loss back to neighborhood node will vary depending on where you are in power divider/amplifier chain, RDC value will be automatically adjusted for more/less equal strength as received at node. If RDC is at MAX, it may have run out of oomph....

* CURRENT FDC (Forward Data Channel) refers to I-N channel used to download software and program guide info to unit.
Level: Should be -15 to +15 dBmV
S/N: Should be 20 dB or more

* CURRENT RDC (Reverse Data Channel) refers to I-N channel used to send user's PPV/On-Demand and other commands back to node.
Power: Varies depending on where you are in cable power amplifier/divider chain
Delay: Signal Propagation Delay from unit to node (Q: One-way or Round-Trip?)

* CURRENT QAM refers to currently tuned video channel:
Level: Should be -12 to +15 dBmV for QAM256
S/N: Should be 33 dB (or more) for QAM256 [This is more important than level]
Seconds: How long channel has been tuned.
Corr Bytes: How many bytes were detected in error and corrected since first tuned
Uncor Blks: How many data blocks that failed parity check, but could not be corrected.
Errs Avg/Inst: Average and Instantaneous Bit (byte? block?) Error Rates.

P.S.: Does the RNG 200N have a 500 GB hard drive?