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Re: Easy solution vote with your wallet

I have SPRINT with three EVO 4G and a clamshell. IF Sprint ever says I will be throttled then I will drop Sprint Smart phones like so much trash and go to a simple cellphone- I've got a drawer full of various phones left over from trade up days. I don't need a smart phone so if Sprint starts the throttling and overages then I do vote with my wallet and a 200.00 a month cell phone bill gets eliminated-works for me big time.
Sprint has been good to me for the last 12 years- Their phones aren't the latest in whiz bang crap that the Gen-Xers like and their network is by far low on the totem pole in performance, I can count the number of dropped calls on one hand. They offer coverage where I live, work and play 90% of the time and they don't drop my calls. They respond IF I do have a billing question and quickly rectify it.
Its not an endorsement of Sprint just my experience. When they say unlimited right now they mean it. Simple, straight-forward experience.