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Simple Solution

These high data users are using bandwidth because there is no WiFi available to them. Simple solution would be to find out where they are located and provide them with a WiFi signal. Problems Solved!


Columbus, MS

Have you ever tried to use Wi-Fi at an AT&T/McDonalds restaurant? If it is working a lot if those hot spots are running slower than dial-up speeds try sharing that

Warner Robins, GA
reply to WiFiMe

Some problems with your plan. If in a business area you have to convince businesses to provide public WiFi. That assumes AT&T has enough DSL capacity to do so. If there is no DSL capacity then you are stuck with cellular. In residential areas AT&T would entrust public WiFi to whom? AT&T does not want municipal fiber or WiFi networks, so that avenue is not available. Thus, stuck with cellular. If every business and dwelling in the country had at least the 24Mbps Uverse that AT&T promised it would deploy in its wireline telephone areas, then you could use WiFi to offload cellular traffic. If AT&T would have deployed bonded DSL to get 48 Mbps then that would have helped provide WiFi access. You cannot provide WiFi if there is no significant wired service to support it.