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Mineral Wells, TX
reply to megarock

Re: "Necessary to Fix Spectrum Issues"

said by megarock:

Translation: There's still some spectrum that we're not squatting on and that could allow a possible competitor to enter the field so we will use millions of dollars to pay lobbyists and donate millions of dollars to the campaigns of Congressmen (and women) to make sure that we control as much spectrum as possible even though we are using way less than half of what we control.

Side note: There is also some spectrum currently being wasted on free OTA television broadcasts. We see no need for broadcast television and believe that it should be ended in favor of giving us that spectrum as well so we can squat on it too because that would give us more possible customers for our overpriced U-Verse TV service.

End result: Check the donor information of possible politicians in upcoming elections. If they are heavily lobbied by or receive donations from AT & T - DON'T VOTE FOR THEM. CONSIDER ANY CONNECTIONS TO AT & T THE PLAGUE.

That's how things get fixed. Make sure politicians know if you side with AT & T (or any big Telco) that their job won't exist come next term. Isn't it time we end Corporate America's influence on US policies?

so correct, id like to see them try to take FM, or even AM (which AM i dont think will ever make it that far) and try to get the govement to sell it to them...

o wait our goverment will do anything!!