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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to nweaver

Re: Comcast Loves Packet Manipulation

said by nweaver:

Actually, they are pretty careful to take such shaping into account in the measurement:

The test is over 30 seconds of full rate, with three concurrent TCP streams. The bandwidth delivered is only measured in the last 5 seconds.

(There is also reporting on the first 5 seconds, which captures the boost effect).

Boost technology thresholds vary from provider to provider. It is IMPOSSIBLE for them to adjust for it and get meaningful data. The only way to work around it would be to test each time for an extended period of time attempt to detect the drop then start the benchmark...a very difficult task. Not only are the speeds skewed but also the consistency of service. In the case of consistency or QoS anyone using boost technology would have their connection QoS poorer than someone not using boost technology.

This is pretty much why this whole thing is waste of time because virtually all the majors are now using some form of boost technology on one or more tier offerings.
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Austin, TX
Comcast, TWC and Cox use PB. Others don't.