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Warner Robins, GA
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Re: Actual / promise ration and FiOS

FiOS is a pure FTTH deployment, is not oversold at this time, and has excess capacity that Verizon is not selling right now. If you look at other pure FTTH deployments like EPB Fiber »epbfi.com/you-pick/#/fi-tv-essen···ne-basic , they are capable of supporting all possible cutomers at 100Mbps download and 100Mbps upload. Verizon could do the same, but they do not think their target customers are willing to pay for it. Moving laser light through glass fibers has been the superior hardwired data link for many years. It is costly to deploy, but has greater growth potential than twisted wire pair DSL or coaxial cable DOCSIS. By 2020 pure FTTH deployments should be able to easily support 1Gbps downloads and 1Gbps uploads for every possible customer in their service areas. Not even the DOCSIS 3.0 cable supporters are able to claim that possibility with any credibility.


Boulder, CO
Thanks a lot for sharing your insight.


Brooklyn, NY
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Even under gpons the fiber will support 2.4gb down and 1.2gb up, however depending upon the size of the optical bundles and switches in the cabinet (NODE) customers may not see these speeds without futher upgrades. Verizon is not expecting to deliver over 150/75 any time soon. It's just now that 50/8 by cablevision has become affordable and it took about 12+ years for them to offer better bandwidth (within consumer's price range). Using that benchmark, it'll take Comcast 20 years, AT&T 50 years.. Qwest/CenturyTel NEVER + 1 day.