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[TWC] Internet doesn't work thru splitter anymore - Odd power le

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Here's the whole story:
Been away for vacation for 2 weeks. Got back yesterday. About 1 week into my vacation, I decided to connect to my Slingbox, which always works. It didn't. I decided to try and connect to a computer at home via LogMeIn, and it was shown as offline.

So, I get home to find the cable modem with the power (solid)/DS (solid)/US (blinking) lights doing weird things. After doing multiple resets of different kinds, I called Time Warner Cable.

They basically said that they needed a technician to come down and check things out. The next technician won't be available until next Tuesday (6 effing days from now!), which made me furious.

I decided to go down to the local TWC office to get the cable modem (and remote control, of all things) replaced. Came home, hooked it all up, same thing.

The cable TV (via a cable box) works just fine without any issues (bitrate of the streams is still quite crappy, as pixelation is easily visible no matter what channel you're watching from an average viewing distance).

The coaxial cable coming from out of the wall is hooked up to a splitter, which has cables going to the modem and the cable box.

I was doing some research online (via my phone's 3G connection), and it may be a line issue, or possibly a splitter issue. I decided to try everything using a different splitter, which resulted in the same stuff happening.

I finally decided to try and plug the cable (from the wall; no splitter(s) involved) directly into the modem. Within 15 seconds of it being plugged in, it all worked! Above (I guess) is a screengrab of the power levels.

From my little bit of research, everything downstream related looks to be fine. But for the upstream, the power level is too high.

So, my 2 questions:
1. Why isn't my cable modem working properly thru a splitter like it previously did?
2. Is my upload power level anything to be worried about?


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·Time Warner Cable

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Re: [TWC] Internet doesn't work thru splitter anymore - Odd powe

The modem return level is too high at 61 dBmV. It might be a problem with the splitter [unlikely - but does happen] or the signal levels are not that great to begin with - before any splitters- where the cable line connects from TWC to your house . The pixalation on the tv also indicates there is a problem with the signal..

With a 2 way splitter - it should only reduce the signal by 3.5 dBmV - per leg.. which indicates the signal was at 57.5 dBmV - before being split.



Brookfield, WI

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reply to besweeet

Is the splitter just a splitter or is it an amplifier? If an amplifier, the reverse channel may have gone bad. If just a splitter, then you most likely have a bad connection of the cable - could be in the house, could be outside.

Good signal down (at a UHF frequency) and poor upstream signal (at a relatively low frequency) indicates that the signal is being capacitively coupled somewhere instead of a good solid connection. Could be center conductor, but is commonly a bad shield connection. Check all those F connectors!

When the modem is directly connected to the incoming feed, what are your upsteam and downstream signal levels?

P.S. Rereading the original post.. The screen shot is when the modem is working? It's working with an upstream level of 61 dBmv? Surprising. Still my first suggestion would be to check all the F connectors that you can get at - particularly check at the entrance block to make sure everything is clean and the shield has not broken away from the F connector shell.


reply to besweeet

The pixelation is the worst when on NBC or HD Theater (ironicallt). Even with moderate movement in the scene, the channel's logo can turn into a blocked blur sort of thing.

Not sure what F connectors are, although I looked them up real quick. I'm assuming these are located at the little TWC cable box on the side of my house? It rained heavily for the first time in months while I was gone, which happened around the time the modem went out. I'll check it out in a bit.


reply to besweeet

I went out to look at the cables. All seems fine like it always has been for the past couple of years.

Modem hasn't reset at all ever since I got it running again about 12 hours or so ago.

Not sure what's happening. Wish I can get it to work thru the splitter again...


reply to besweeet

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I've uploading some more screenshots of the modem's web interface.

The first one shows what happens when I go to the "Advanced" tab and enter admin/W2402. It tells me that there's a "System" tab, but there isn't.

The second one shows some basic modem information.

The third one shows the log.

The fourth one shows the provisioning status. The Docsis block will change from "In Progress" to "Complete". It'll then go back to "In Progress" after a few minutes.

Suit Up

Los Angeles, CA
reply to besweeet

I had a similar thing happen to me, except I wasn't on vacation. One day the internet and TV just completely stopped working. I was about to call TW, when I saw a TW truck parked across the street. So I went out to talk to them, and they said they were replacing a line that they had detected was leaking but it should be fixed in a couple hours. I expected them to let me know when they were done (I don't know why since they hadn't let me know when they started), but when I checked a few hours later they were gone, and I still had no TV or internet. I checked in another room where I had an old analog TV directly connected to the wall, and lo-and-behold it was getting signal (although pretty bad signal). So I went back to the other room, removed the splitter and connected the modem directly and it worked. So I called them up to complain, and got the same response: next appointment was in 6 days. When the guy finally came, he did something outside to boost the signal into the house so it was working with the splitter again, but there were some digital channels that I still wasn't getting picture on that I didn't notice until after he left, so I had to schedule another appointment. That guy re-ran a lot of cables in my house, changed splitters, and redid the connections, and now it gets signal on every channel again, although it's quality (if you look at the box info screen) never goes above poor. So, yeah, there are crazy reasons why the signal in your house changes even though you didn't do anything.


reply to besweeet

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Well, it's fixed. 10 minutes and it's fixed. He said that the storms from a few weeks ago made people's equipment go bad. So, in my case, it was an issue with the splitter (yet the other 2 splitters that I tried didn't work either).

Oh well. Don't care if that was really the issue, but it's fixed now. See the updated power levels in the screenshot above.