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New Rogers Service causing Jitter

I have recently upgraded my Rogers Internet to Extreme with the Cisco DPC 3825 Gateway modem (set to bridge mode). Since upgrading I have notice poor call quality with voip.ms (increased jitter but no packet loss). I am located in the east end of Ottawa and I am connecting to the toronto2.voip.ms. I use premium routing but I do not use QoS on my new Linksys E3200 router.

Has anyone else noticed increased call problems with voip.ms on Rogers Internet over the past month?

I am wondering if the new Cisco 3825 is causing the problem.


Orleans, ON
Im in the east end and have the SMC modem. Lately, Rogers has been really bad but I do not have too many issues with call quality. Now, I am using montreal2 because the latency is lower and less hops then toronto2. Try a traceroute test to both and if montreal2 is lower latency and hops, use it. I suspect it will since we are in the same area. Let us know how you find it if you change servers.


Thanks amd64now. A few months ago I had sub 20ms ping times to Toronto VOIP.ms servers. They are now consistently over 40ms. Montreal is a little better at mid 20ms.
I will move my lines over and try Montreal.


North York, ON

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reply to amd64now
amd64now, Thanks for sharing.

I am in Toronto - Tracing-route to Toronto/Toronto2 takes 11 hops; nlayer and ubiquityservers are the problems with over 30ms ping times consistently.

Tracing-route to Montreal2: 10 hops, ping time usually less than 23ms. iweb generally works fine, but it does on occasions produce a spike or two (80ms in one case).

Montreal goes through the same route as Monreal2 but minus 1 iweb hop. Seems to be faster. Will give it a try later.

iweb seems to be not that reliable. Settled with Chicago - lower latency and less hop #s than Toronto/Toronto2.


Terrasse-Vaudreuil, QC
reply to jeffawa9
I keep trying Montreal2 cause logically it makes sense to me (being in Montreal), but over the last year Chicago has been the best overall for me even at double the latency over TO2 and MTL2...