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More Qwest disappointment

Thought the Qwest $14.95 7 mb 5 year deal sounded good so on July 27th, I signed up, including switching to "Home Phone Unlimited". I'd been with an independent ISP for a number of years, totally satisfied with them, but made the jump because of price, and the increased speed. I'd been at 1.5mb. Qwest promised a date of July 29th. So I wake up on the 29th, and discover that I've been disconnected from my old ISP, however the new modem from Qwest hadn't arrived yet. So there's a day without internet at all. The modem arrived that afternoon, I connected it, the setup went flawlessly, just as advertised in the sheet that accompanied the modem. I see from the modem screen that Qwest.net is now my ISP, but I also see that I'm still sitting at 1.5mb. I was out of town for the weekend, but I call on Aug. 1 and tell them about the speed issue. Oh, sure enough, something got screwed up in the paperwork, so they need to resubmit for the speed increase, but that can't be scheduled until Aug 4. Why initially I was supposed to get an upgrade in 2 days, but it now takes 3 days to get it right, I don't understand. As an aside, with the upgrade to Home Phone Unlimited, I'm supposed to get a bunch of new features on my phone, but nothing came in the mail to tell me how to use even one of them, and no one at Qwest can direct me to a website that will help. So at that point I now have a voice mailbox that directs calls away to a message telling people they can't leave me a message, before my answering machine will even pick up. I did receive documentation for all that on Aug 4th. But in the meantime, the 4th arrives and I'm expecting 7mb service. Nope, now I have no service at all. I try the usual reboots, to no avail, so I call because I haven't talked to India in a few days. Long story short, after a couple more reboots, she determines that a technician has to come and check my wiring! With enough crying, because I can't take a half day off from work to wait for a man to tell me that the wiring is fine, and it's a CO problem, I do get her to narrow the window to a one-hour time frame later today. So there I sit. After a week, I have yet to experience anything except the exact same speed I had under my old ISP, and I'm now working on the better part of 3 days without service at all out of the past 8. But I do apparently get to spend some quality Friday night time with a technician in my back yard dealing with something that should have been handled with a few keystrokes somewhere in the world last week. When I first signed up for high speed internet at 650kb, I had to drag my modem out to my demarc no fewer than 6 times in the space of a year to prove to Qwest that it wasn't an inside wiring problem every time I slowed down to less than dial-up speed, before Qwest finally replaced the outside wiring. At 1.5mb, I never had a problem and sailed along for several years. I've now had more downtime in a week than I did in 3 years at 1.5mb with my old ISP. Bottom line is, every time I change something with Qwest, it turns into a debacle. And it's always my wiring that's at the top of the suspect list. Doesn't matter what the CO circumstances are, it must be my wiring that coincidentally and simultaneously went bad, and I resent that. But that's Qwest's "Spirit of Service". "Here, take a half day off from work because we can't backtrack and find out if what we said was going to be done, really was done." If I can talk to someone on the phone in India and they can run a check and not see my modem, then why wouldn't that be standard operating procedure immediately after making a change, to verify that what was supposed to happen, really did, rather than waiting for the customer to call with a complaint? When I ordered the service I sat on hold while they supposedly ran a check on my line to make sure it would handle 7mb, so why is wire, inside or outside, now a suspect? I'm a half block away from a fiber hut, BTW As far as I'm concerned, CenturyLink can change the slogan to "Spirit of Lip Service", and I think most people would understand. But if things don't go well and expeditiously with the on-site technician this afternoon, I'm calling Comcast on Monday to see about dumping Qwest internet and dial tone. It's a dying company, and while I'd like to see someone as competition to Comcast, if this is how the competition works, someone else will have to carry that torch, not me.

Villains... knock off all that evil

Castle Rock, CO

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Do you know what paragraphs are?


Albuquerque, NM
reply to DenverDSL
I feel your pain. I have had Qwest off and on for years. This time around I have had DSL/phone with them for a year. I had previously dropped them for a couple of years but went back.

When I had my service reconnected last year, I had about six things for them to do, and they got almost every one of them wrong, starting with having my phone number published to the connect date.

The CSR was sure nice, he even went back over everything with me, but somehow he managed to do the incorrect or the opposite of what he was supposed to do.

I thought to myself, "gee, it wasn't this bad last time I had service!"

I had to call tech support a couple of months back, and the tech said, "[gee,] check your wall outlets and replace them [durr]", and that was the whole conversation.


reply to DenverDSL
wow what a mess , good luck with your switch

Boise, ID
reply to DenverDSL
Hi DenverDSL,
First off let me apologize for the trouble and poor experience you have had over the last 3 weeks. Secondly, please let me help make this right and get things working the way it should. Follow this link »on.fb.me/pDFnvq & send me some details regarding your account so I can start taking action to help.

Rich @CenturyLinkHelp