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[TWC] Disable routing and wireless on DDW2600

I got TWC RoadRunner installed two days ago.

The modem was UBEE DDW2600 with wireless router feature.

Since I'd like to use my own Linksys E4200 wireless router, I'd like to disable the routing and wireless on the TWC modem.

Those could have been easy task if I had the 'privilege account' for the modem. However, TWC won't give it to me. (of course I tried the 'TlModeChange.asp' and 'c0nf1gur3m3').

So I had to call tech support.

Of course, I had to waste sometime with level 1(or level2) before they can transfer you to level 3.

Even if you got to level 3, they may or may not understand what you're talking, depending on which tech you got.

Some thought "disable wireless" will put the modem in bridge mode.

Some said it's impossible and told me to replace it with a "pure modem".

So you have to be patient and tell them to go to "Tools > Mode Change" and put the modem into 'bridge mode'.

Please aware that once the modem is in bridge mode, the menu will change. This will confuse some 'level 3' (coz they don't see it a lot).

Be sure you ask them disable the wireless first. Then walk them through the bridge mode.

Some 'level 3' thought 'disable wireless' means 'disable SSID broadcasting'. Again, be patient.

After 7 calls in two days, I finally got what I wanted
1) Modem in bridge mode
2) Wireless disabled

This could have been done in two minutes if I had the 'privilege account'.