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Track cable connections via Software

I'm a new intern for a university. My task is to document how and where all the cables are connected across campus (fiber, Ethernet, other network cables).

My biggest problem is finding the best way to do this. I could use Visio, Excel/Open Office spreadsheets, create a database in Oracle or MySQL, or even write a Java program to do it. But I know there are programs out there that do it better; I just don't know what they are.

So, anybody know a program I can use for this task? To clarify, I need to input something like this: In building A server room, Pod 1, Rack 4, fiber panel 2, X fiber line is connected. It goes to Building B by this leg to B's server room, Pod 1, Rack 3, panel 3.

I also need to know how many open ports are in each switch/fiber panel, and it would be great if there was an alert that said "Hey! You are almost out of open connections!"

A key feature is ease of use. After I get it set up, I go back to doing other things and the regular network staff have to keep it updated. If it is too complicated, they won't take the time to learn it and all will be for naught.

Cost is a factor, but not the biggest factor. The University is prepared to pay for the software if it does what we need.

Thanks in advance!
EDIT: I forgot to mention, we are looking at CableSolve and BRADY. In case that helps you understand what kinds of things we're looking for.