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Atlantic Broadband ClearQAM Johnstown

I subscribe to Internet only from Atlantic Broadband and I have received all local channels via ClearQAM and never had a problem.

Then suddenly they moved WJAC, MeTV, and This from 104.xx to 85.xx and now one TV and my computers WinTV tuner card can't even find chnanel 85 now and the one TV 85.xx just breaks up a lot and it's almost unwatchable but another TV watches it fine.

I am really getting no where as almost nobody from Atlantic Broadband even knows what ClearQAM is, to check the lines.

Anyone else having these issues?



I am having the same problem, I talked to atlantic broadband last night 8/4/11 and they suggested that they could send a technician. I don't know much about ClearQAM myself. I just know that I have scanned and rescanned and I cannot get any of the 85.x



Mark if you don't mind me asking, what area are you in?

I'm in West End of Johnstown.

Also, are you getting any problems with 77.xx channels? For some reason the one TV I have all 3 77.xx channels (WTAJ, WWCP, WATM) all totally break up and TV has to refresh constantly causing the TV to blink back and forth.



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reply to redpenguin

This is an actual email from Dave Dane of ABB who stated obviously that he does not care (his email is ddane AT atlanticbb.com if anyone wished to write him also some other emails to contact »www.atlanticbb.com/wfabout6d.asp···a&page=5 just put their first initial and last name @atlanticbb.com like Dave Dane = DDane):

You do not pay us for video service which is why we feel no obligation to service your television reception.

I understand that folks with quam tuners and digital sets can get a number of our standard and HD off air channels because we do not encrypt them and because the filters that we use for internet only customers will not block out theses channels. I cannot do anything about what you have been able to experience in the past but I can tell you that we are not going to make it easy for you to get for free what others pay for.

Get yourself a digital antennae and pick the broadcast service up off the air, or order our video service. Or you can cross you fingers and hope that you can figure out what we have done.


We service our video customers, so there is not an issue. If you know someone that pays for service and that is having this problem, feel free to refer them to me and I will make sure that they do get what they are paying for. And if we have to send a technician out there to get them that service, we will.



If you are an Atlantic Broadband customer in Johnstown PA having problems with the reception of any of our Standard and HD ClearQam digital channels, please contact us at 888-536-9600. If you subscribe to our video service (we offer residential and commercial video, internet, and phone service), we will assist you and make certain that you are receiving ever service that you are paying for including these digital signals.



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Well my one TV after changing the cable started receiving the channels 85.xx not 100% sure yet why my TV Tuner refuses to see them. I am going to check if I possibly have a bad 3 splitter because it's only one room now having problems with the channels.

Looks like my TV tuner card somehow had a bad cable wire I tried another and suddenly it works now.


reply to redpenguin

I just decided to go with a cable amplifier, it saved me many headaches and my channels look awesome now.

I have many splits in my house due modem and a TV tuner card, so I should be using an amplifier anyway.

Also the amplifier seems to be helping my cable modem signal as well, which seemed to disconnect sometimes.

Supposedly my signal numbers are higher upstream being 53 and downstream being 18 which flies in the face of every website I read on the numbers the modem should be , but the modem and Internet seem completely stable now and I barely see T3 timeouts.