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Pass Christian, MS

[netopia] Speed drops on 3347

First time posting on here, I hope you guys can help me out on my router. I don't know if it's a line problem or not, and so far ATT tech has been no help.

It seems every night around 8 P.M my router would drop, and my usual speed of 3Mbps drops down to 1.8Mbps or lower. Then the SN margins would drop from 18 to 10 and below.

Don't know if this would help any, but the router security log would have security alert types: port scan around the time of my drops. If anymore information is needed let me know and I'll post it, thank you.

Milford, NH
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Record modem stats during good times and bad. It is not unusual for margin to vary a couple of dB but eight is a lot. Check to see if sync speed stays the same. As margin goes below 10 dB modem becomes more susceptible to noise. At 6 and below connection will get unstable.

8 PM is an interesting time - are street lights going on about then?

Changes in margin could be due to other users or problems with wiring. Does your DSL share a voice phone line? If so how is voice service? Any noise on the line especially when the phone is first picked up? What about crosstalk, other voices? If so there is something wrong with your physical circuit.

Try connecting the modem directly to the phone company NID test jack. Do this at good times and bad. If stats are better something within your residence is degrading performance. If problem is within you residence it is your responsibility to correct. DSL is more sensitive then voice so the NID test is worthwhile even if phone sounds fine.

Connect a phone to the test jack. If noise persists call voice repair.

Try doing a traceroute (tracert in Windows) to stable sites like this one during good times and bad. Latency should gradually increase with hop count and distance. Sudden unexplained increase probably means congestion on that or the previous hop.



Pass Christian, MS
reply to oipluckie
ADSL Line State: Up
ADSL Startup Attempts: 1
ADSL Modulation: DMT
ADSL Data Path: Interleave
Datapump Version: DSP, HAL

Downstream Upstream
---------- ----------
SNR Margin: 20.20 15.00 dB
Line Attenuation: 50.00 27.50 dB
Output Power: 0.00 4.94 dBm
Errored Seconds: 0 0
Loss of Signal: 0 0
Loss of Frame: 0 0
CRC Errors: 0 0
Data Rate: 3552 384

this is how it looks when it's good, just waiting later to copy it when it's bad.