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Tuscaloosa, AL
reply to rradina

Re: I call it "subscription fatighe"

It also reduces the need for companies to keep updating their products. I mean, how much more do we need MS Office to do that it isn't doing already? This makes it that much harder for MS to keep people buying new versions. Same with music. If most new music is garbage, why would anyone want it when they already have the albums they want? A subscription model solves these problems. Companies can keep charging you to have access to the same software, music, movies, etc. Suddenly, they can just sit there, producing nothing new of any value, yet still make money.


Chesterfield, MO

And after they've sat there for a while, even that won't please The Street. Suddenly the monthly access fee will only allow a set number of "free" units after which you'll be charged a per unit overage fee. That's when we'll all try to find old computers and ditch the net -- if by then that's even an option. If you cannot start your car without pairing it to an Internet-attached smart phone, perhaps we'll just be forced into submission...