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Winston Salem, NC
reply to computerpimp

News Flash!

First off, Netzero requires the use of a land-line telephone which in many areas is now $45-$55 dollars including taxes monthly. Also, dial-up Internet was dead by 2002... it simply is not fast enough for anything anymore.

Seond, the United Nations has proposed since 2003 that the Internet (broadband) be a basic human right. Let's face it, the Internet is here to stay, so who has the right to deny anyone who wants access simply because they can not afford to pay full prices which are blown out of proportion for it? Estonia, France, Greece, Finland and Spain already make sure their citizens can get a connection to the Internet if they desire...as a basic human right... so why can't others understand this and follow suit? Only countries that are eat up with capitalism and greed seem to object when it comes to basic human rights - they will gladly watch people go hungry or go without other basic necessities; and then tell you that you can do better than the poverty that you have been forced into with no fault of your own.

Now, I do not deny that there are a great many people who are on welfare and such that should not be...this is more a fault of our government not wanting to fully investigate these recipients backgrounds and such before cutting a check... You can not fix lazy - as it seems to be a problem in many government agencies across the USA. These workers are set for life, no matter what/how they do their jobs! Once you have cleaned out the slackers from all levels of government, then you can clean out the welfare roles of all recipients who are not worthy and sue them for reimbursements! It would be great if this were a reality, but until then - one could only wish! It is the governments job to help those who are truly in need, but it is not their job to hand out checks to all that apply!!!
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