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Recently, I've found Cincinnati Bell just disgusting with our connection. We've been sporting our Zoomtown internet for about 3 years now and at the time of purchasing it, it had advertised around 700 kb/s now this isn't fast at all, especially since i, nor any of the houses residents has seen it go past 400 kb/s. And as we're speaking. It's hit and all-time low with 50 kb/s. Now I'm positive that i am the only one using the internet today, and it's been disgustingly slow for weeks.
Now this isn't the worst part, when we first bought the connection (we were only using one land line and one desktop computer at the time, now we have just 3 wireless computers and a land line) it had constant disconnections. We called more than needed times to the help line and the only thing they could muster to say was "Turn the modem off, wait 10 seconds, and return the power." Which, did not help. We had a technician come over, did things i didn't quite understand, and it seemed to work, at the time we had about 200 kb/s.
Then for some reason, the internet would disconnect frequently again, we called, and called, and called again, we had yet another technician come out, said everything was fine, and left.
We've had enough, we're very close to leaving for another internet provider, as this has caused my trouble then help, it's just stressful.