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Major network outage today (8/9/2011, 12:00 PDT)


our dual T1 circuit from Speakeasy is decidedly down, and I cannot get ahold of support (I keep getting fast busy signals and "all circuits are down" messages). I was able to enter a support ticket via their website and a 4G broadband card in my laptop, however it appears the ticket is being ignored. We can ping our upstream router, however we cannot ping beyond that. The System Status link shows that Speakeasy is having problems with VOIP circuits, and that these issues are causing the fast busy signal on their 1-800 number (1-800-556-5829). Anyone have the scoop on what's really going on here?

Seattle, WA

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Our clients are reporting all Megapath systems down, but they seem to think it's only a VoIP issue:

»www.speakeasy.net/systemstatus/n ··· w=detail

Whoever is in charge of this merger/integrations needs to be fired.


We just spent 5 days getting our phone system to work after a voice / data integration. For starters... MegaPath ported our phone numbers from Verizon without telling us. The entire troubleshooting process has been a horror show. Long hold times... unable to speak with technicians directly and slow responses. We finally got our phones systems working. Three hours later, there is a nation-wide outage and we go down again. Very frusting... They definitely bit off more than they can chew. Thank goodness for Magic Jack! (We had at least data)


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read my encounters with megapath...megapathetic is a better word for this company!!!!


Marietta, GA
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I had a Speakeasy DSL line for nearly 9 years. Up until the final year, it was smooth sailing, rarely a problem, no throttling and great support. Then the merger happened. Early this year I had several outages, one extending to nearly 10 days. I'd had enough at that point and switched providers. The writing is on the wall and I suspect the coffin is nearly nailed shut. With service and support that has been recently reported, I don't think they'll be around very long as an ISP. It's sad, really, when support and customer experience are placed at such a low priority.