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Go Habs Go
Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to static416

Re: Rogers Upstream Bonding

said by static416:

said by wysiwyg1972:

There's more to the internet than just P2P.

Oh I completely agree. I incrementally backup my 350GB photo library to an offsite location using VPN and a filesync program. I also back it up to a cloud service, and both would benefit from faster upload. Watch movies while I travel on my 3G iPad that are streamed on the fly from my home computer. All these would benefit from a better upload.

Thing is bittorrent and P2P are useful for a lot of purposes other than just the obvious (piracy). Wuala lets you get credits for cloud storage in exchange for contributing storage via P2P. Lots of indie music and movies are legitimately distributed via P2P. »sites.google.com/site/sxswtorrent/

But right now, because P2P is effectively killed on Rogers, they basically preventing a huge portion of the population from taking advantage of the benefits of distributed file sharing. And until P2P is protected on all ISPs, legitimate companies are going to be hesitant to rely on it for their business.

I disagree with this just a touch.

Rogers doesn't block P2P. They block specific protocols that happen to implement P2P. Indeed, P2P itself isn't a protocol or technology, just the name we give to protocols and technology that works a certain way.

There are many ways to implement distributed storage / exchange systems that Rogers doesn't block harm with their throttling and there are a lot of commercial entities who rely on P2P tech.

Skype being a major one that I can think of...

That said, Rogers upload speeds are pretty much a joke now. 2Mbps on a 50 (100Mbps bursting connection)? Just laughable. With TekSavvy offering 7Mbps uploads now Rogers has a very, very short amount of time to get my Ultimate connection working faster than 2Mbps upload before i jump ship.