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Re: Southern California Edison Purposely Omitting Meter Reading.

@ meterdewd and jig, thanks for your input.

Just wanted to share something with you all, which I found kind of ironic, at least, from my perspective.

Yesterday, I received a letter from SCE which tells me about how I can go online and get all this detailed amount of information (usage to the hour) with graphs and statistics and even a program to sign up for that's suppose to give me credit off my bill, if I use less power on pre-designated days (about 12 days a year), which SCE would text, email and/or voicemail to me.

Don't misunderstand me, I can appreciate the new tools and the PR, etc. However, what I find extremely ironic and funny at the same time about all this is, they offer all this huge amount of information and yet they don't give you the most basic of all information, your meter reading, at least, in my case and others in alike situation.

Just wanted to share, made me chuckle at the irony.

Take care all.

Lake Forest, CA
Is your meter read available online? I just logged into my account -- haven't done this for a while, but your message prompted me to -- and noticed that I can see the meter read there too. In fact, I can see the last two years of reads.
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