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Memphis, TN

2Wire 3600HGV -- limited wireless range to Realtek 8187B

I rent a bedroom from a girl in a typical three-bedroom house (approx. 1400 sq. ft.) in Memphis TN. Old setup:

In den: Comcast cable modem, Netgear WGR614 v9 wireless router (B/G)
In my bedroom: a Macintosh and PC, each has a USB dongle (Realtek 8187B chipset) to connect via wifi to Netgear

This setup was working fine for me. Then earlier this week she dumped the cable modem and got the AT&T U-verse service with the 13 Mbit self-install with a (apparently new) 2Wire 3600HGV gateway. Problem now is that I cannot connect via wireless to the 2Wire in the den (2WIRE934, SSID enabled) with either my Mac or PC, it does not appear in the list of available networks. If I take the 2Wire into my bedroom, I can see its wireless signal on both my Mac and PC, and connect to it.

What is puzzling is that the girl can take her laptop (a new Mac) into her bedroom (her bedroom is about the same distance from the den as mine) and connect to the 2Wire. The den is only 30-35 feet away from both bedrooms, and the wireless G standard should easily cover that. So my 8187B dongles cannot connect to the 2Wire except at very short distances.

In the 2Wire setup, the channel is Auto (1), wireless power setting is 10, DTIM period is 1, and rate is 54 Mbps.

I can see an assortment of other wireless networks (Belkin, Linksys, other 2Wire's, etc.) on my Mac and PC, these are in neighboring houses, so I don't see why the 8187B dongles cannot pick up our 2Wire in the den. (I tried the inSSIDer program, thinking it may see our 2Wire in the den as a weak signal, but it doesn't see it at all.)

Any ideas?

Kennesaw, GA
Have you looked to see if your adapters have updated drivers out there?

reply to KootchieKoo
You can reconfigure the netgear to work as a access point and connect it to the 2wire


Columbus, OH
reply to KootchieKoo
honestly since you had an existing working config, and the only thing that has changed is the 2wire, i'd say the 2wire is defective and to have het get AT&T to un-f'ed it with a new one.


Michigan, US
reply to KootchieKoo
ATT will charge him since their equipment works, just not with his particular setup.