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J Jefferson3

reply to mikedz4

Re: central PA world of more updates

sorry mikedz4, even comcast can not go that fast,the NEW tru2way guide is only testing in areas for Georgia for the rest of this year!!!, we still have to get the SA areas done Phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 just to get them done the .25 software, then the SA areas need .28 software, the original tru2way guide is nicknamed internally as the .30 software and the NEW "Excalibur" tru2way guide is we are calling .32 software, but these solutions were always long term problems, and will come when comcast feels like it, but everyone here always knew this all ready!!!!!!!

Have not visited in a while since, after helping upgrade the Scranton area SA systems earlier this year, corporate had me go down to the Tennessee area (to help ice1138 from AVS forums area)from may and June, to help get that area back up to speed and to help teach the new guys that were going into Texas areas markets,plus to improve QAM mapping (both new and replacement QAM muxes), and to help those markets enable the 4 digits HD numbers that they have now down there in some areas, did them as fast as possible and then came back to this area for the 4th of July weekend, to do next features for this area!!!!! i been extremely busy moving things here and there in all of our systems
as soon as i came back just like ComcastTech said, we moved QAM space for all the future changes, some is for testing (temporary) and some are permanent, like additional QAM for VOD in Reading,(i gave away this for free since i am nice guy!!!( i get into more specifics in a future response since this is all ready going to be long and have other stuff to talk about here)

then after all the secret stuff, i am answering roddy3530 question, the reason why Reading-Hamburg is not getting anything new HD in the short term is that Blue mountain systems have been added to our regional cluster of systems and they have not been upgraded yet, but they start this upcoming week, and they get there supply of equipment form the Pottsville office but get their signals from the Reading-Hamburg system but will have the Pottsville numbering system, since they are in the same DMA as Pottsville, which was done at this time last year, (which was the first system i helped from transferring from New Jersey area).

Here is the News article about the changes for that system!!!!!!


Ok, i going to go back into my cave and hide now since comcast will try for find me but i was all ready a master of wack-a-mole!!!!!
ha!! ha!!


Weirton, WV

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edit: was 1/2 asleep when originally reading this

What is the difference between .30 and .32?


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Thanks J Jefferson!