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This is a sub-selection from Wonderful news

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to Badonkadonk

Re: Wonderful news

said by Badonkadonk:

They don't want to be in manufacturing. I guarantee that they'll spin of all the manufacturing part of the business. Of course, Google will put into place licensing and supply deals to push their wares. But, they won't go into manufacturing. It's not high margin enough.

I was here at Mot when the GI acquisition was made. It's not an easy or high margin business. Of course, neither is the handset one. Why do you think Qualcomm dumped their handset business. They've been better off for it. I doubt Google has the desire to be in manufacturing.

This is all really about the IP.

I think it's about the IP too. I also doubt Google wants to get into manufacturing.

They could do this two ways - outsource the manufacturing or spin off the manufacturing division. You're right the latter does seem more feasible than the former.

Naperville, IL

I agree. One of those two things is the most likely scenario for the manufacturing side. But, like you said in an earlier post, there's very little doubt that they'll somehow push Google TV into STBs.