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Kennewick, WA

[DSL] Connection Speed Drops in the Evening

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Noise Margin DSLAM 1
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RX Speed DSLAM 1
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Noise Margin DSLAM 2
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RX Speed DSLAM 2
After I reset my modem in the morning it will attain 3358 Mb/s down link speed. The next day the modem stats page shows that the connection speed dropped to anywhere between 1000 and 300! Frontier claimed it was due to congestion on the network. I could see how congestion will cause a temporary decrease in download speed but didn’t agree that congestion would cause the modem speed to drop and not recover. They moved me to a new DSLAM today and the problem got worse (see attachments 3 and 4). Now I think the DSLAM equipment is faulty. I think it noises up the output when the system is busy and causes the modem to fall back. I think Frontier is right about congestion causing the problem. They should say, “When our DSLAM gets congested it causes the output signal to noise-up. This causes the customer modem to fall back to a lower speed. The customer must power reset the modem to recover.” Can anyone confirm that this is a DSLAM problem? This problem seems to repeat once a day in the evenings.

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San Jose, CA
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If the condition of the loop, from the modem, through the wire to the DSLAM is good, the modem should not show a change in synch rate, only throughput speed, during congestion. It has been a long while since I was on a congested connection, so I don't recall, but I don't think either my synch rate, or my SNR changed, only my throughput speed.
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