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reply to cork1958

Re: Crap!!

I'm with you cork1958. I despise Google and it's as if no one can see a monopoly building right in front of them. Google built their empire from advertising and search ranking (the more you pay the higher up you are in the search results). I just don't see what is so great about them. Google has an agenda just like any other company and that agenda is to look out for itself, not consumers. People think that Google has consumers' or the publics' best interest at heart? I don't think so. Google gives out free software, big freakin deal. They don't give out anything that is absolutely needed and widely used. The company makes billions- how about giving out a few million to random people just to make people's lives better? THAT would be different and get my attention. Google is just like any other huge company, buy up other companies and make that company's tech now their own. I think there was another company that was always criticized and considered evil for doing this? oh yeah that company is called Microsoft.