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GT701D - Qwest - 12Mb


I have 7mb with qwest at the moment. I want to upgrade to the 12Mb.

The lady I spoke to on the phone said my router would not support that. It is a Actiontec GT701D, I only bought it a few months ago so I'm reluctant to buy another one.

On Actiontecs site it says.

Ethernet DSL Modem Router for TDS High Speed Internet
Model #: GT701D for TDS
With its superior energy efficiency, the GT701D DSL Modem helps consumers save money on their electricity bill while protecting the environment through fewer harmful emissions from power plants. Its power adapter earned the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s ENERGY STAR rating, signifying that is uses at least 30% less energy than modems with conventional power adapters. A green modem, the GT701D is also a full rate ADSL 2/2+ modem and a router, capable of networking up to 256 computers using wires. Now, users can easily share their broadband connection with other devices in their digital home.

Environment-friendly modem with ENERGY Star power adapter, recycled packaging and small footprint
Full rate ADSL 2/2+ modem with routing capabilities
Supports DSL speeds up to 24 Mbps

Other than the fact I don't have TDS do you think this will work? Or better still do you have one of these working at 12mbs?


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Castle Rock, CO

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As I understand it, if the higher speed is being provisioned via VDSL (as opposed to ADSL), and you want a supported Qwest modem, you really only have two choices and your current modem is not one of them.


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The 701 is a ADSL2 modem. If they are telling you that it won't work, then the higher speed is probably on VDSL2. You will especially know if it's Vdsl2, if you can get 5 meg upload.


I think I'm good.

I had this from qwest today.


Thank you for contacting Qwest, now CenturyLink.

Currently the availability for the 12 mb service for your area is ADSL2+ only.

It looks like the router you have should work ok as long as takes PPPoE configuration. The fiber optics that feed the 12mb will work with the ADSL2+.

I am including a list of Century Link modems that are compatible with this 12mb ADSL2+ service:

2Wire 2701HG

2Wire 2700HG

Motorola 3347

Actiontec M1000

Actiontec Q1000 & ZyXEL Q1000Z

Actiontec PK5000 & ZyXEL PK5000Z

ZyXEL Q100

Although my router is not on their list the technology is ADSL2+ so I think my router will work fine.



Evergreen, CO
FWIW, I'm up in Evergreen out on the periphery of things, just inside Clear Creek County. Earlier this summer, I saw trucks stringing fiber optic lines along SR-78 and my hopes were confirmed when I got a flier from Qwest indicating the availability of more bandwidth, soon.

Aug 15th, I was re-provisioned for 3mbps, and yesterday the line was requalified for 12/1 (ADSL2+ service), so I'm a happy camper. I was 1536kbps 55ms first hop for the last three years, am now around 8mbps 27ms first hop on ADSL2+. I'll be curious to see if VDSL2 service becomes available in the future, but am really pleased with the increased speed I have today...


Boise, ID
reply to andrew44
Rule of thumb when determining which protocol you'll be dealing with that I follow, is that if your upload speed is under 1mbit (ie: 860, 786, etc), your doing ADSL. Anything above 1.5mbit upstream is VDSL2+. It is very hard to support higher then 860 or so on the upstream side with ADSL/2/2+ thanks to line quality, etc.

From my own experiences with Verizon and Qwest, if you have 768/1.5/3 (and sometimes 7) down, you'll see your modem link at G.DMT (ADSL), which means you can use modems from the era of the Cisco 678, early Zoom, etc. From what I can tell, the CO techs will specifically configure the older ADSL protocol with the slower speed, rather then using ADSL2 with the slower speeds. I'm not sure why exactly - maybe their equipment auto picks that protocol without them needing to manually configure it.

7 and above, your going to link at ADSL2/ADSL2+, which will work with any of the more recent ADSL modems like the Cisco 857/877, Actiontec GT7xx series, Q100, etc.
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