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4 Ever Young
·Cox HSI
reply to swindmill

Re: What's with your mailserver, IP

I know that. This IP is a mail server from Speakeasy. It is the mailserver from which my mail has been sent for over 11 years! That's why I made my post. I cannot get my mail delivered, although Comcast mail is now going through...until it's blocked again.


Sanford, FL
I don't see any mention of resolve, but I was a long-time Speakeasy DSL user who moved to Florida and couldn't get their service, but kept my e-mail and news service with them for the past 8 years (customer for total of 11-12 years). I've had BrightHouse Networks and they seem to also be blocking since the last week of August. It's not blacklisted on the anti-buse site, but I can't POP or IMAP to that server (trace and ping work just fine). I have a Verizon air card and when I connect to the Internet using that (instead of BrightHouse), I can POP again without making any config changes. I'm going to vent on the BrightHouse forum, but was somewhat relieved to see this toward the top of the Speakeasy issues.

BTW - After opening a ticket with Speakeasy to see if there was some sort of settings change in this post-Megapath acquisition and got a reply from one tech who tried to help. He wrote that if his suggestion didn't work, I should call for additional support. Last night I did that and I've never had a worse support experience. This "tech" was completely monotone and burned out like he'd been doing 1st level support for the past 20 years. He kept putting me on hold and when he did speak, it was to say that they don't really support mail clients. After 40 minutes, I hung up (about half of that time was hold) as I tried the air card and found what appears to be the issue.