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iFail 5G

reply to MojaveMike

Re: THIS from March, 2010

said by MojaveMike:

"Clearwire's mobile WiMAX subscribers are burning through around 7 GB of data per month, according to a company executive, and the company's business plan seems to be predicated on keeping up with that demand."

I guess usage must be going way down over time. If WiMAX is anything like Sprint (the highest usage) the average usage has gone down 90% in one year. They shouldn't need any investments in infrastructure, right? Next year people will only be using about 75MB average.

Read more: Clearwire: Mobile WiMAX subs eating 7 GB per month - FierceWireless »www.fiercewireless.com/story/cle···VPG92PYF

Well one thing, Clearwire retails WhyMax as a home broadband replacement. Sprint doesn't advertise that for anything, which is why you can expect Clearwire to have a higher number of data munchers. And yea they need a lot of investment into that riddled mess of a network, like maybe expansion? Backhaul ect...