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Re: GT701D - Qwest - 12Mb

I think I'm good.

I had this from qwest today.


Thank you for contacting Qwest, now CenturyLink.

Currently the availability for the 12 mb service for your area is ADSL2+ only.

It looks like the router you have should work ok as long as takes PPPoE configuration. The fiber optics that feed the 12mb will work with the ADSL2+.

I am including a list of Century Link modems that are compatible with this 12mb ADSL2+ service:

2Wire 2701HG

2Wire 2700HG

Motorola 3347

Actiontec M1000

Actiontec Q1000 & ZyXEL Q1000Z

Actiontec PK5000 & ZyXEL PK5000Z

ZyXEL Q100

Although my router is not on their list the technology is ADSL2+ so I think my router will work fine.



Evergreen, CO
FWIW, I'm up in Evergreen out on the periphery of things, just inside Clear Creek County. Earlier this summer, I saw trucks stringing fiber optic lines along SR-78 and my hopes were confirmed when I got a flier from Qwest indicating the availability of more bandwidth, soon.

Aug 15th, I was re-provisioned for 3mbps, and yesterday the line was requalified for 12/1 (ADSL2+ service), so I'm a happy camper. I was 1536kbps 55ms first hop for the last three years, am now around 8mbps 27ms first hop on ADSL2+. I'll be curious to see if VDSL2 service becomes available in the future, but am really pleased with the increased speed I have today...