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Albany, GA
reply to cramer

Re: at least add free incoming.

said by cramer:

The way the plans have been for several years now, you can opt for no text messaging (no charges), per-use (sent and received), bundled ($5/200, later $10/1000), and unlimited ($20). Whatever plan you had remained active until you touched the wrong thing / walked past an AT&T store / etc.

I, and several of my friends, know too well what happens when AT&T removes SMS from your cellphone. (In fact, Rob ran into this very thing yesterday when upgrading his phone -- and the AT&T store minion lied about the available plans, shocking I know; there is a smartphone 200 SMS plan (as of this afternoon anyway).)

thats my point, "per use" is automatic. unless you specifically "demand" to have it blocked. and yeah it seems that any time i make the slightest little change they screw up the txt messaging and i call and it "wasnt provisioned correctly, sorry sir", very annoying.