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Why is Sprint's position unstable?

Because they're an inferior company! They've been bleeding customers for years. You get what you pay for, people. Government intervention might give you a lower price tag, but it's going to hold us back overall.

We should have known from the beginning that AT&T's 97 percent claim for LTE was a fig leaf for something more lucrative. So what? Instead of spending your time nitpicking and whining about well-crafted PR arguments, get the government to mandate 100% coverage! We could charge a Universal Service Fee (USF) to make sure it happens. We do that for landlines, why not wireless?

So much fuss about nothing. Basically, the weaker companies are getting swallowed up by the larger ones. Let the free market work and let the survival of the fittest happen. T-Mobile is selling to AT&T because it has been cut off by its German corporate parent. It's not able to make a profit on its own. That's why even if the merger is canceled AT&T will still have to pay T-Mobile money, and they will have a roaming agreement that lets their customers use each others' networks.

Airlines do the same thing when the government prevents them from merging. They keep the brand name in name only to keep regulators and the public happy. But in reality, antitrust concerns aren't really being satisfied. At the end of the day, the big money wins. And now United and Continental are one company, Delta and Northwest, Southwest and AirTran …


Phoenix, AZ
You do realize that T-Mobile USA has never gotten any money from DT, it was actually the other way around, T-Mobile USA is actually decently strong from a financial standpoint, and has always been.. they just have DT digging in their pockets to pay for their failing (and now being sold off/merged EU markets)

DT has always treated T-Mobile USA as a red headed step child and it's always pretty much been on it's own, but in a way it helped as from what i remember personally working for the company for a few years they were an amazing company to their employees that always tried to do the right thing - focus on customer experience as a whole, well that was until Robert Dotson was booted and this Humm guy was brought in, Robert did not want to sell out but DT would not have it any other way and that's honestly why Humm was brought in.