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Santa Monica, CA
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reply to sonicmerlin

Re: Saw this coming....

said by sonicmerlin:

said by dmelling:

The other day someone on the inside of Clearwire bought a ton of stock. I am sure he knew something was coming. I hope it pushes the stocks higher...I am sitting on a 60% loss at this time. Their value is in the spectrum they are holding......

Isn't that illegal...?

Only if it was based on inside information.

This past week, a lot of investors are simply taking advantage of oversold conditions while everyone else is panicking.

Investing in Clearwire is ... [ahem] clearly high risk. Said insiders could just as well lose their shirts. While everyone on DSLR is shouting from the rooftops about how valuable the spectrum is (and it is), everyone conveniently ignores the tens of billions that firms must put up to deploy that spectrum, without any guarantee of profitability.