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Robbinsville, NC
reply to Blondie

Re: [Internet] New HSI Surcharge

Hmm there seems to be a pattern of fees showing up. Modem rental, possible HSI Surcharge fee, I'm sure someone else can list a few more. Just tell your friends and everyone you can think of online to be wary and what to look out for and complain to the company. At some point in time they may listen.



im a little new to this blog thing but ya ive getting a little preturbed because they have been adding items to my bill that and all i have is long distance block on my pnoe and i have internet .the last few months they have added franchise fees and addeda toll block fee that i didnt otherise. and when i renewed they told me my bill after taxes shouldnt be any more than 55 dollers and scence that time its been above 60 to 80 and ive called and complained and the have always got an excuse. trust me if my place could get cable internet i would be doing the whole package of cable,phone,and internet therw the cable company.