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AT & T overcharges: How to effectively contest these?

Since moving to my new location in late May, AT & T has been overcharging my telephone and Internet bill. There has been fruitless attempts to clarify the issue, only to go through hoops and hurdles in their customer services. Perhaps the CS infrastructure is geared toward wearing someone down, so customers give in and pay what's allegedly owed?

For the record:

-I have been billed $40 per month for Elite Internet, after agreeing to a 12 month term for $25 per.

-I have been billed for four weeks of service at my old number after it was disconnected. They tried billing again for old number, only to have these charges reversed, upon catching it on bill.

-AT & T is attempting to collect interest on disputed charges.

-AT & T pushed up the bill due date from 7 August to 2 August to attempt couping a $ 22 collections fee. This was due to bill coming in very tardy (4 August) manner, just days before new due date.

What I owe, and amount they believe I owe is a difference of around $120. I hope to resolve this matter, with out going through hassles. Is there someone at AT & T I can speak with directly, so one can settle this once and for all with playing games?

Upon getting an invoice, whether it's for CATV, telephone, utilities, I pay straight away. I don't stall or play games with bills.

I would like to remain an AT & T customer. It has provided me a very good Internet and telephony service. But these excessive charges, and neglect by customer service is enticing me to pull the plug on them.

Is there any way to cut through the chase aside trying their CS run-a-muck only to be stonewalled, and given wrong numbers for billing departments, as happened to me before? If not, is there any place where I can see them in person to settle this?

Many thanks for any answers or insights.

NO, playing games is their business, even when as adults, they refuse to admit it. The entire system is set up around the idea that a % of customers will not jump through all the hoops and that will result in income that is not contested. This is the new 21 century business model.

Your only hope is to continue until they decide that your calls are costing them more than they are getting from you. I suggest wasting as much of their time as you can and continue to push the issue up with multiple points of contact. Multiple points of continuous contact mean multiple people spending time on the exact same issue. Sorry you have had so much trouble, but you will have to be a bulldog to get this fixed
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