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San Francisco, CA

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reply to AtariBaby

Re: This company has gone into the toilet

Comcast business is annoying service-wise but the price is amazing. Similarly, I have found that is truly amazing both in customer service and the bandwidth they offer for the price. And of course, Comcast is the devil when it comes to privacy and consumer advocacy so I try not to support them.

My rule now is: for internet, IF the lines are of sufficient quality to deliver excellent service (not true for every part of old San Francisco). If not, then I go with Comcast, provided it's part of their recently overhauled system.

Now I just need to find business-class VoIP, which was previously my prime reason for keeping clients with Speakeasy. But no more. I think I'm going to try Improcom.


Marietta, GA
If you can get Sonic and they can deliver good service to your location(s), go for it! I met Dane Jasper (Founder of Sonic) last weekend and we spoke a bit about Sonic's plans for expansion. They are growing and trying to keep up with demand. He spoke of hold times "in excess of 5 minutes" being absurd and genuinely wants to provide the best customer experience possible. I really wish they had plans to expand to the Atlanta area, I'd sign up in a second.

Seattle, WA
Does Sonic offer DSL service in the Seattle area?


Marietta, GA
No idea, check