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Kanata, ON
reply to SimplePanda

Re: Rogers Upstream Bonding

said by SimplePanda:

I haven't received any information by notification either. I just prodded a tech for information. Put me on hold for 2 minutes and came back and said (paraphrased):

"Yes, as you are in Ontario you will get upgraded on August 26th, which is this Friday. You have the Cisco modem, which you need in order to get the upgrade. Because you have Ultimate you'll be getting upgraded to 10Mbps upload speeds instead of 7Mbps."

I asked a bunch of questions and confirmed that Extreme+ is going to receive 7Mbps but I didn't get information about any tiers below E+.

I asked if I -needed- the Cisco and if the SMC device would work instead and was told "you need the Cisco but don't worry because you already have it". I suspect this was a misunderstanding on tech's part though.

I personally suspect that the SMC works fine as it handles 4x upstream channels. If Saturday arrives you don't have faster upload speeds you can call to check though.

Well I suspect they will start with GTA as always, but I have not even heard anyone else mention anything about this. I have 2 connections myself - a Rogers one and a TSI one (both cable), so I guess I'll see if anything happens on the 26th.