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Cut Bank, MT

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reply to jjjacer

Re: Multiple supported properties

I do think is would be adviseable to find out the applicable laws for the hotels, rooms/suites, restaurants, shops, coffeeshops, lobby.

It doesn't require a law degree. Most law is written for third-grade readers, with a glossary of the meaning of the difficult words right there. There are also printed phamphlets of applicable laws in "business branch" libraries, law libraries, and the Small Business Administration. Hotel Associations sometimes have it available.

I also think it would be helpful to make a flow chart: labeled boxes (ISP, router, LAN, WiFI) and lines between the boxes with one-way or two-way arrows to see how the data has to flow.

I also think having a box of recycled hard drives, with software to correct any bad sectors, and maybe arrange so another hard drive comes up when the previous hard drive is 80% - all of it run as an external hard drive would be a good idea for his logs. You could pay retail for those storage towers for music at NewEgg or a discount house.

It would be good to see how far their WiFI reaches, and how vulnerable it is to "wardriving".

I think, if you are paid to do a job, then, do it.

If they are not paying enough, they should pay more.

I would write a proposal. It doesn't have to be fancy: here is what I will do for you. The list could include speak to the rep and negotiate better service, find out what other ISPs offer, integrate more of a backup system for logging, (use nice words like costing, rather than purchase), etc.

I know a "consultant" for city and county government who makes big bucks, to report what is available: hardware, software, and service providers.

I would add this: very little "techno-speak" is actually necessary.

If someone just wants to talk circles around you, then, talk to someone else who wants to communicate.