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Wichita, KS

New RG (3801HGV) with awful wifi range and connection

Hey all,
ATT just swapped out my RG with a new 2Wire 3801HGV (software version last week. It certainly fixed my internet/tv/phone connectivity issues but now there is a new side effect of the new member of the network family.

My wifi range is about half what it was. Also, my android phone, iPod, and one 2 laptops have awful connectivity issues. I can use wifi for about 5-10 minutes before it completely stops. I have to stop/start wifi on my device to get it to reconnect.

My Android phone has suffered the most. It spends most of the day trying to obtain an IP address from the new RG which totally nukes my battery. It seems to be getting worse. It has only been able to connect to the RG once so far today and it only lasted a few minutes. It is now trying to obtain an IP again.

The MacBook Pro suffers the same issues. While doing a video chat with family today, wifi dropped 5 times in a 45 minute window. And this is within about 20 feet of where the RG is. Before the new RG, we had absolutely no problems with wifi.

Any tips on how to get wifi to work better? I've experimented with manually changing channels but that doesn't seem to have any effect.

I'm using WPA-PSK (TKIP) and WPA2-PSK (AES) for security and no MAC filtering or anything.


O Fallon, IL
Do you remember what channel the old one was set to? Is this one set to the same channel for WiFi? I'd try the other channels and see what happens. There may be interference on the channel it's set to.



Wichita, KS
I've tried every channel available with no luck. I can't get my wifi printer to connect to the new RG at all. My phone no longer connects either. It is constantly "obtaining IP" and never connects.


O Fallon, IL
Yeah, sounds like something isn't right with the wifi on that gateway. Tier II here may be able to look at something and tell for sure.



Has anyone figured this out yet? I am having very similar problems. Cannot connect with my android phone over WiFi.


Woodland Hills, CA
reply to DeGrey
I had an rg do that after a firmware update. Tech brought replacement and after same update on new rg, same thing. So I said F it and just slapped on a Linksys E-1000. Anyways on a side note, use channels 1, 5, or 9 for 802.11g to avoid channel overlap. For N use 3 or 11.


same thing here. about three weeks a go got new RG fixed tv problems but now wifi is terrible. no range and iphone and devices lose connection. also having pop server errors on outlook with email...


Same problem. 3800 replaced with 3801. WiFi drops completely. Have to logon to gateway and disable/enable wireless twice a day.


Mckinney, TX
I had the 3600 RG, and I had connectivity problems with my iPhones and iPads. My Windows laptops worked fine, but with my i-devices, I would lose connectivity sometimes after a few minutes or a few days. I worked with Uverse support, and they acknowledged an issue with the way some wifi devices expect a response from the RG.

They upgraded me to a 3801, but I still had the issues. The next step they suggested was to change all devices to static IP in the RG. The thought was the DHCP server couldn't respond fast enough to the Apple devices. I did that and it helped, but the problem continued.

We finally got tired of messing with the RG wireless, and I put a D-Link DIR-655 on the network as a AP. I disabled the DHCP server and set the IP in the RG's range.

Now, my wireless works awesome! I have not had any issues - even while allowing the RG to still control DHCP.

My guess is that on complex, multi-device Wifi setups that the RG simply doesn't have enough processing power given all its other tasks.