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This is a sub-selection from Diagnostics charge = Bell scam

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East York, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed
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Re: Diagnostics charge = Bell scam

They do... When the charge is able to be.. You just have to ask. The issue here is Bell and Rogers both own the end user networks and have the ability to impose these charges. TSI can't blindly just eat this. No matter who pays who.

The way the system works, is if you get charged, then you need to speak up and say something to TSI why you think the charge is not valid.. If they can, they will fight for you.

The issue is many forget that although you deal with TSI, bell and Rogers both still have their hands in the pot due to their monoply on the end user network, madated by the CRTC..


Wheatley, ON
TekSavvy will fight for you if you're charged and you have done the necessary troubleshooting to show that your equipment is working properly.

This diagnostic fee is the same fee Bell or Rogers charges it's customers for the same situation, if it's not an issue with their network and it is something to do with your equipment or wiring.

Yes you are paying TSI for your service, which is why you are paying much less for much higher bandwidth and much more freedom... there is a trade-off. Bell and Rogers will prioritize their technicians for their customers for on site visits before they handle TekSavvy customers, so there may be a delay but remember, you are paying less for more.
This is a sub-selection from Diagnostics charge = Bell scam