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I Fly the Flag
Phoenix, AZ

How do I get more than a turtle's pace of upload?

Okay, big disappointment here.. Cox has 5Mbps upload on their highest plan.. yet I can only get 896k with Qwest.. It's a turtle's pace and very slow for what I need.

I backup my system to a server offsite at a datacenter in phoenix for safe keeping.. I can't really do that with 896k bandwidth.

Argh. And NO option to increase it either.

Villains... knock off all that evil

Castle Rock, CO
Few options:

1. Obviously, drop Qwest and go with Cox
2. Get two DSL connections, a dual WAN router and make certain your backups use multiple simultaneous TCP sessions
3. Pray that Qwest stays competitive and upgrades your node


Ogden, UT
reply to Taoron
said by Bink:

Few options:

1. Obviously, drop Qwest and go with Cox
2. Get two DSL connections, a dual WAN router and make certain your backups use multiple simultaneous TCP sessions
3. Pray that Qwest stays competitive and upgrades your node

1. Best Option
2. Expensive but it will work.
3. Qwest upgrade their network, ha, good luck with that.

Talked to a sales rep the other day and he said that they try to hit the most people when they upgrade an area. I ask "if that is true then why is a (rural) city of 17,000 getting upgraded before a (metropolitan) city of 36,000?" Gave me a stupid look for a minute then answered "To be honest, its only because the city just installed fiber so we are trying to stay competitive in that market." So if you want to try option 3, just get your city to install fiber and qwest will upgrade your node. Even though you will probably chose the city's fiber over qwest's old copper.


Littleton, CO
reply to Taoron
For four years, 1998ish to 2002ish, I had Sprint ION 10/10 "S"DSL with four VoIP phone lines, before VoIP was really known, for $100 p/m and it was shear perfection. Oh and zero downtime the whole four years. Their techs use to call me to chat since they were bored with nothing to do. AND Apple use my connection to test their first and then a very large 80Mb OS update that arrived three times in a row in 10 secs. That was until Sprint decided to shutdown the service due to increasing issues with Qwest and them not giving the right-of-way dictated by law. Sprint told me that it was easier to shutdown than fight in court. After that SDSL went away and we were left with this sorry excuse of ADSL at a new "novelty rate" pricing. Matter of fact I stumbled on the self contained with battery backup modem unit just the other day. My first reaction was sadness. The next . . . nausea.

Contemporary services and pricing are what we are doomed to. We let the the big corporations get away with it because we have yet to say "NO!" and dump their services. Or demand more and explanations as to why not. And until we do . . . they will continue in this manner and we get 20% overhead loss and "up to" 896k up and all kinds of excuses as to why "not".

And recent happenings with me personally and what I have been reading here and other places is leading me to believe we're in for more crap here soon.

Glendale, AZ
reply to Taoron
Qwest has a bunch of entitled 30 to 40 year techs in their mid 50's. They had executives that plunder the company.
Between the two neither really cared about dsl or fast speed. Both had entitlement issues and thought a Ma Bell could never die. Now that they are Century Link those old self absorbed employees are still more concerned about their retirement and showing how they are better than Centurylink even though they are the ones bought out.

That old here is what we have and we are Ma Bell attitude with nothing to back it up is driving customers away.


Spokane, WA

1 recommendation

reply to Taoron
The accompanying messages are opinions and have nothing to do with your situation.

ADSL/VDSL are still constricted by one thing, twisted pair copper cable. Copper gauge and distance are what determine
the speed you will get. To get 40/20 you need to be 1000 wirefeet from the FTTN node. 40/5 stops at 1500 wirefeet.

I'm 5300 wirefeet from the node and 12/896 is tops.

For any phone company to provide 20/5 they would need to rebuild just about of the outside plant copper cable to provide a cross-connect point every 2000 wirefeet. Cross-connect points are needed because that is how they wire the DSL onto the pots line.

Another thing I found is if you are fed directly from a CO, the max you can get is 12/896.

If DSL doesn't work for you, then find a different provider.

Glendale, AZ

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reply to Taoron
Defending the old technology.

Beyond defending old technolgy I went through I can not remember how many supposed upgrades. First to 1.5 then say 7 then to the now dead VDSL TV/Internet US West service, that did have 1 upload and was much better than plain adls 896. Then upgraded after it died to max 20 896. No faster as dslam did not support it at the time.
I got tired of hearing the excuses. Its the plant, its the technology adsl just can not do it. We can not possibly put in more closer nodes. Poor us we are Ma Bell feel sorry and pay us money.
Now i am sure Cable has its own issues. it just is not magic and have unlimited distance and it takes only one tech to service all of Phoenix.
Cable is not magical and they have restrictions also. Cox did not whine and buried in new plant, put in new nodes. They offered almost traditional pots for awhile in Phoenix before going VOIP like.
It works and speeds rock. No we are sorry cable just can not do that.
Yes Ma Bell had its day. Its over until they actually do something new and competitive. Living in past dreams and excuses adsl has limitations is pathetic.
There is pair bonding and other newer ways of doing it.


Scottsdale, AZ
reply to Taoron
Tell them you want an OC-3, then cancel within the time frame of the contract, the additional 150Mbps, should be enough for them to upgrade everyones speed after you drop it.

Other than that, like everyone else said: wait or switch
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Spokane, WA
reply to nonymous
Well I hope you didn't think I was defending DSL...

When someone finally installs an Optical Network Termination at my house that company will be the winner in my opinion. But, I doubt that I will see that in my remaining lifespan.

Using today's technology Cables DOCSIS 3.0 beats VDSL2 in every aspect.