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There's a reason I'm Command.
Washington, DC
reply to Mr Matt

Re: Don't forget the LD Crap Charges the $2.00 fee will trigger!

said by Mr Matt:

AT&T is taking advantage of the fact that our Fascist Supreme Court has prohibited class action suites against corporations that require binding arbitration to settle disputes in their contracts so consumers have no power against such abuse.

The simple, but impossible to sell, solution is for *the people* to stand up and make it clear to the people they vote for who they are supposed to be representing. If the electorate would pull its head out of the sand and actually *participate*, corporations and banks would be smacked-down right and left, with Congress passing laws that keep them from screwing the consumer.

I have said for decades: The only thing a politician fears more than pissing off a huge donor is a pissed-off and engaged constituency that won't vote for him no matter how much money he raises.
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