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Below the line fees turn $2 into $4.50

AT&T adds $2.50 in below the line fees to the $2 fee. I expect that the whole purpose of the $2 fee was to collect the below the line fees and the $2 is high enough to make sure the below the line fees are pure profit. Also note that, for me anyway, the $2 minimum was for those on a $0/month $0.39/minute non-plan. The minimum fee is higher on plans with lower per minute rates. At 39 cents/minute I figured I'd never make a LD call (and don't thanks to GoogleVoice and prepaid cellular). I guess the evil bastards at AT&T figured out how to cut that gordian knot. I hope they fall off their new yacht and drown.

The CPUC used to be able to protect consumers from rabid greed like this, but they've sold out and are now just AT&T's poodle.