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San Diego, CA
reply to Albert71292

Re: Hate AT&T

said by Albert71292:

Don't you need internet for VOIP? If I drop my phone service, I lose my internet from the local provider. Bayou Internet says they can't provide internet without a landline phone number. Switched to Bayou because of no caps. Only other game in town is Comcrap, err, Comcast, and even THEY cap monthly usage, so they aren't an option in my opinion.

Between all the video I watch online and my sons gaming, we'd eat through those caps in no time.

You need a phone line if you persist on keeping DSL. Cable has no such requirement. It sounds like you've sounded off on cable for your own personal reasons though due to a cap that is, as stated, REALLY difficult to exceed.

You need to prioritize. Either you can make phone go away and go Cable, or you worry about caps that really aren't that bad in the grand scheme and stay where you are.