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Evil Furby

Houston, TX

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reply to Krisnatharok

Re: Running very hot idle with Corsair H100 water cooler....

I fixed it. Really weird though...so I didn't realize the H100 has 4 connectors on the side of the watercooler that you plug the fans into. The fans I'm using for the radiator are all fans i bought off of newegg separate from the H100. I thought fans normally run at their full speed unless you have something controlling them, but I guess that's not the case.

When I was having issues the 4 radiator fans were all plugged into my PSU, not to the watercooler. I guess they must have been running much lower than their 2000rpm capability because when I plugged all 4 into the watercooler my idle temps dropped to 29c in the bios (which is awesome). Very strange though. I thought with the fans directly plugged into the PSU they would run at 2000rpm by default. Any idea why they didn't?

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Fans don't care what you intend to use them for. If they are plugged into the proper voltage, they will run at the default speed or fan control setting.

I haven't read up on it, but the bad temps obviously had something to do with the assembly concerning radiator/pump/wiring controls.

Evil Furby

Houston, TX

Well the fans have a default speed of 2000rpm. They were connected directly into the PSU so they shouldn't have any sort of fan control. They aren't even variable speed fans, but for some reason they weren't running full speed when connected into the PSU. When I connected them to the H100 waterpump they seemed to run a lot faster.

I did reseat the pump like 3x, but i reapplied paste every time. I thought it wasn't making solid contact.