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Bytes for more bucks! Time for a Class-action lawsuit!

Wavecable has now decided to make lots more money by charging people for downloading more bytes than 100GB unless you have one of their premium packages where you get 300GB. When we bought our ISP package from them a couple of years ago it was 10mbps and UNLIMITED bytes. We just got a letter saying anything above our 100GBs will cost $5/1-25GBs above the limit and then $5 more for each 1-25GB above that. So my bill in February would have been $40 more than normal if they had been charging more then and that was because I DLed more than 275GBs that month.
A damn good thing I saw their letter, which most of the time I discard if not a bill.
The facts and figures show that people will be using ever more bandwidth and DLing ever more bytes in the future. This is how they want to create a trap for money. Greed is the name of the game here folks. Why bandwidth throttle when you can just charge them based on byte counts? This is something we need to start a class-action lawsuit against or we will be victimized by these guys more and more. They already have a monopoly based on areas of service. Let's stop their greedy bytes for bucks crusade to pad their CEO's pockets. It doesn't cost them more money to use their lines more fully. They already make out like bandits!
Reduce service to minimum or drop service completely and tell them WHY!


Port Orchard

Haha....good luck. Just about every other ISP is doing the exact same thing now.

Oh...and I don't think it's ever really been "unlimited". I'm sure they had the same limitations that every other ISP has. You just have to read the fine print to figure that out.

They have to charge more for internet because everyone is dropping their crappy cable TV service to download all their shows. Netflix...Amazon won't be long before Cable TV has gone the way of the dinosaurs. TVs have Internet VOD built into them now. Imagine what it will be like in 10 years?

reply to PissedOffMan
I share your aggravation at this additional nickel and diming on the part of Wave. I have been with Wave for 5 years now and I've hated every minute of their service. I dropped their cable and went strictly to internet and now they've figured out how to screw me again. I use around 140-150 GB/month and now I have to add another 10-15 dollars to my bill. Unfortunately, I have no other options since they have a monopoly in my area, with the exception of switching to DSL, which only provides 3M max speed in my location. Luckily for me, I am moving in a few months and never have to use Wave again.


Silverdale, WA
Yep, received a notice yesterday about going over the 100GB cap on my 10/1.5 service. 100GB really? These guys are dicks.

I don't see what the big deal is. Why should a grandma that checks her email twice a day and looks up recipes a couple times a week pay the same amount as someone that's online 10 hours a day and uses 300 GB per month?

By the way, right now I'm paying $125/month for their 50/5 plan. I don't know how long I'll keep it since it's a bit pricey. But I'm starting to get spoiled by it.

Your argument doesn't stand up Matt because Wave offers different tiers of internet for the "grandmas" you mentioned at 100gb transfer a month. The problem here is between the 18mb and 50mb connection you are paying double the cost per month but are getting ZERO increase in bandwidth per month to make up for the speed difference.

Both 18mb and 50mb service have a 300gb monthly cap. Please try and defend wave when you can use up all 300gb of transfer at 50mb in under 14hours. A whole month of bandwidth allocation in 14 hours...

reply to PissedOffMan
I agree with you all in that i paid $3000 to have cable run to my house and Wave is my only option. I wish there was an unlimited option for downloads, I don't need or want 50mbit, but i do want to use my 10mbit 24hrs a day 7 days a week if i want. I don't get why the best option they offer is 18mbit for $90 a month for 600gb, this is the least expensive option for the most benefit.

I would even be ok with throttling during busy times, to reduce demand on the node. But in the middle of the night when i am not bothering anybody and i am watching Amazon VOD or Netflix why does it matter.

reply to anon1
Anon1...I agree that 50 MB plan should have double the cap of the 18 MB plan, and I have a feeling that some day it will considering how much the 50 MB plan costs. But that's not what the OP is complaining about. The OP thinks everyone should pay the same amount no matter how much they use the service.

scuppasteve....My guess is the busy time is now at night when everyone else is also watching VOD.