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All recordings deleted from DVR?

Today, uverse paused and went to screensaver. Didn't think anything of it. Then tonite we noticed that all of our recordings had vanished from the Recordings list. They all were "keep until room needed". Has anyone experienced this?


Boca Raton, FL
Did you restart your DVR?

Often a restart will allow the DVR to recover the recordings. It takes about 2-5 minutes, just push the power button for about 15-30 seconds until the DVR begins the restart process.



Sorry, but that's BS. I just had this happen to me. There were at least 10 programs that I was looking forward to watching them and then poof they were all gone. OK, so I added some more manually. I had three in the list the day before. Next day poof all but one remain. Called tech support and they gave me the usual scripted run around. I know it by heart. This DVR sucks so big time. I am going to bail ATT because of this, plus the internet is slow as hell. I don't want to have to do it, but Time Warner is my only option. Austin sucks as a cable market too. Anyway, I'll give TWC a try, a least I can use my TIVO again. I can't take the laggard responsiveness, the locking up, the "unplug" and "plug" in mantra to keep me at bay and having the techs waste my time trying to "fix" the problem. Nah, the DVR is crap, it can be helped. I've had Uverse 3 months and I have at least 5 support calls to the house to deal with the DVR. I think I've given them enough time to put it right. It appears they can't. I can't wait to see how bad TWC will be...I've heard stories. But I'll try anyway, I'll just make sure I give them a disposable credit card that I put money into. I'm not giving them access to regular credit card...again, I've heard stories. I'm thinking that cable just isn't worth the hassle and money. Just a load of crap channels anyway.


Taylor, MI

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reply to astralaggie
I also just recently noticed that all of the recordings have disappeared... BUT the graph says that I only have 19% of my disk space left... If that's true, WHERE are my recordings??!!!

EDIT: I did restart the box, and now all is well ( well I STILL have no clue how the recordings were deleted) but at least I can record now.


reply to astralaggie
We just had this issue today, so we called them to figure it out. It was a big deal, since we don't watch live TV because our schedules don't allow us to be home when most of our shows come on.

Apparently, if you have too many recordings scheduled in the next two weeks (like, say, I don't know, three of the shows you record, including a 30-minute show, all have 24-hour marathons on top of your normal recordings), the system purges ALL existing recordings. The number is 200 over a 2-week period, regardless of whether they are 15-minute shows (like several of ours are/were) or 1-hour shows or whatever.

I regularly go through and delete duplicates before they're even recorded (as soon as the titles appear), and, apparently, this isn't sufficient to prevent a problem.

Their basic reaction was that it was our fault.

I searched all over the Internet to see if I could find a similar bug mentioned for any other DVR system, and I couldn't. We never had the issue with Comcast, either. And, despite it being a known bug, I couldn't find it anywhere in their recommendations on how to use their DVR, either.

To put it another way: their DVR is a buggy piece of junk and they have no intention of fixing it. They're just hoping you won't notice.

We will probably drop UVerse after this.

P.S. Our deleted recordings included some that were "keep until I erase."