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Cruising Down Memory Lane
Sacramento, CA

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[Info] Looking for an apartment in San Jose

Hey there,

I will be moving to San Jose and I was wondering if anyone can help me find some good resources for finding an apartment/townhouse? I am aware of craigslist but I was wondering what other quality paper based or online based sources you guys know of. I will be on a college student budget so I'm not looking for anything high end.

Appreciate the help

San Jose, CA
San Jose is big - what area (which college) are you looking for?

Bless you Howie
reply to sapo
Are you going to SJSU? There are some apartments right next to the college on, what is it, 4th street? I used to live there, dumpy kitchen, but rent was really cheap.

I don't know if things have improved, but back when I lived there it was VERY hard to find a place to live, the demand for apartments was very high.

SJ has light rail, something to keep in mind when looking at places (I love their light rail, rode my bike with it every day).

You might have more luck looking in Santa Clara. Before making a down payment DEFINITELY visit the area, look for sneakers hanging off power lines (not a good sign).

What price range? Back when I lived there, a grand would get you something passable, I had a place for 650 next to SJSU, but like I say, it was had a dumpy kitchen and a crazy neighbor, and no parking.

Many landlords in the area have a slum lord mentality, screw the tenant attitude. Caveat Emptor.

East parts aren't so nice. South is nice, some downtown is ok, north is nice. West is ok.

It's like a LOT of cities, the east side is where the poorer element live.

I strongly suggest getting some real estate agents to help you.

I don't know if downtown is still nice, but man I loved it there. I lived in little Vietnam for a while. Man was the food, oh, sorry, going OT!
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Cruising Down Memory Lane
Sacramento, CA
Yes, I am looking around SJSU but I don't find it a priority to be right next to the college. I was looking at Campbell, South San Jose, West San Jose, Santa Clara and all that. 10 to 15 minute drive is fine for me. I was mainly looking for some suggested publications on where to look for apartments. I visit San Jose a lot and used to live there so I know the area fairly well. I found that bigger apartment complexes have their own websites so that has been helpful. My range is around $1500 for a 2 bedroom, give or take.