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Albany, GA
reply to LinuxNinja

Re: at least add free incoming.

said by LinuxNinja:

said by thedragonmas:

said by cramer:

Then you aren't an AT&T customer. If you are receiving texts, you're paying for them. Any plan without text messaging will not be able to send or receive texts AT ALL -- they simply disappear. (and it's been like that for some time now.) Up 'til this week maybe, AT&T had "no text" plans.

i got news for ya, ive had att for going on 4 years, and i didnt start out with a text "plan" guess what? it was charged "per use" you know, like 411, but i guess if you dont have a 411 plan you cant use 411 right? sorry but txt was $0.20 and MMS was $0.35 each, with out a "plan" only way they just "vanished" was if you had it blocked, or they screwed up on provisiong and blocked it (course, if you never used it, thats not a bad screw up)

Respectfully sir, you are incorrect. Pay-per-use Text messaging is a text messaging plan. If you remove it from your service, you will be unable to send/receive SMS/MMS messages. There is no cost for this.

I know this first-hand, as this is what I did... and my wife works for AT&T Customer Service as a Wireless CSR. Even she says they suck. (and yes, she hates her job...)

im sorry, but did you miss my post directly above you?

said by thedragonmas:

thats my point, "per use" is automatic. unless you specifically "demand" to have it blocked. and yeah it seems that any time i make the slightest little change they screw up the txt messaging and i call and it "wasnt provisioned correctly, sorry sir", very annoying.

it may be a "plan" but its "default" unless you specifically request it be removed. just like pay per use *69 or long distance on a landline (with out a long distance "plan")